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by XSOLIS Insights, on Jun 4, 2018 6:00:00 AM

It’s Revenue Integrity Week! This annual week of recognition and celebration, presented by the National Association of Healthcare Revenue Integrity (NAHRI), is an opportunity to bring awareness and appreciation to …

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by Heather Bassett, MD, on May 8, 2018 6:00:00 AM

When entering the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, the first thing I was struck with was the sense of scale. In addition to the size of the venue, …

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by XSOLIS Insights, on Apr 3, 2018 6:00:00 AM

We’ve all seen them on our teams, within our organizations, across our careers – the colleagues and leaders with the enthusiasm, energy, and expertise that propels their teams to success …

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by Jason King, PhD, on Mar 27, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a crucial component of healthcare technology and/or delivery, yet has remained mysterious for those tasked with using them. On a recent webinar, I spoke with …

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by Cameron Bowman, on Mar 19, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Zach Evans is no stranger to Nashville’s vibrant healthcare sector. A strategic thinker and an executive with a knack for elevating the teams, companies and individuals he serves to even …

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by Tara Dwyer, on Mar 6, 2018 6:00:00 AM

A Conversation with Tara Dwyer, VP of Audit Operations at XSOLIS What does the current compliance landscape look like? With ever-changing regulations, payer requirements, self-denials, and process errors chipping away …

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by Mason Mercy, on Feb 20, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Hospitals all face the same problems: operational hurdles, denied claims, value-based care imperatives. Yet there have been fundamental differences in how they’ve approached these challenges. Many have faced them by …

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by Karen Haesloop, RN, FNP, MSN, on Feb 6, 2018 6:00:00 AM

We all know how New Year’s resolutions typically work: we make a lofty goal, overestimate the difficulty or overcommit our time, and then inevitably cut back or abandon the approach …

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by Heather Bassett, MD, on Jan 25, 2018 6:00:00 AM

The doctor-patient relationship should be modeled on trust, experience, and…data? Heather Bassett, MD, Chief Medical Officer of XSOLIS, shares how clinicians can provide better care by overcoming information silos. Q: …

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by XSOLIS Insights, on Jan 8, 2018 6:00:00 AM

2018 will prove to be a trying year for providers nationwide, as the planned Medicare reimbursement structure could drastically undercut hospital profitability. Although Medicare estimates that proposed total payments to …

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